Wednesday, 25 September 2013

One Down!

I've finally finished mt version of  the Baby Chevron.   This was one of my Third Quarter Finish Along Goals.  I made it a bit larger than the original, so it's more a lap size than a cot quilt.  I'm quite pleased with the way it turned out.

Because the contrast between the fore and background was in hue rather than in value, I had to be very careful about my fabric choices.  I ended up removing a large number of both grey and orange pieces because they had too much white in them, and this tended to blur the crisp outlines between the chevrons.

I pieced the backing  using a variety of smaller grey squares, some sketch and solid orange.  The binding is sketch as well.  I'm starting to really appreciate the versatility of that nearly solid fabric.

I did a minimal amount of straight line quilting using Auriful 50--a solid grey top thread on the grey chevrons, and a variegated orange on the orange chevrons and in the bobbin throughout.  Straight line quilting is always a bit risky when you have a pieced backing.  You really have to be careful to ensure that both top and backing are squarely aligned.  Fortunately, it worked out for me this time.

While my initial thought was to quilt it more heavily, the recipient, my son, prefers minimal, so minimal it was.  He actually gave me quite a bit of input while I was making it, but he didn't know it was for him.  As a result, he's happy with it, and so am I.

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