Monday, 28 May 2012

Small project sew along progress...or lack thereof

This hasn't exactly been my most productive week--wait--make that two weeks! 

I did manage to complete one of the projects that was on my small projects sew along list.  A coaster for my night table so that I don't thunk down my water glass in the middle of the night and wake up my husband.  This is much prettier than what I was using, and it's completely thunkless.

I made it from some of the Stained leftovers.  At least, that was the plan.  There are at least 3 colours in there that had to be cut from fresh fabric to get the colours to move the way I wanted them.  Not exactly eating up the scrap pile.

As for the other supposedly realistic project--a cover for my e-reader made from the green flora and fauna hummingbird fabric--I'm not sure that's ever going to happen.  I just can't bring myself to cut into it.  If I really want that cover--and I do--I think that I'd better pick another fabric that isn't quite so scissor resistant.

Then there were the three unrealistic items on the list:  2 sundresses for the girls, and a Tova tunic for moi.  I haven't done a thing there.  Strictly speaking, that's not true.  I did buy the fabric.  And the patterns.  And since these weren't realistic small project goals in the first place, I'm not going to feel too terrible about not getting them done.  On the other hand, summer isn't that long, and if I want the girls to actually be able to wear their sundresses, I should probably get the lead out.

Friday, 18 May 2012

A finish!

I've finally finished my Stained quilt that I made as part of Sarah's quilt-along.  And I'm absolutely delighted.  Here's a picture of it over the railing. This one has the best colour.  I've found it really difficult to capture the vibrancy of the yellow.  It either fades to cream, or else can't be distinguished from the ochre squares. Mind you, now the jade and turquoise look alike, which is far from the case when you see the real thing.

Now, here's one of it on the lawn.  Show's how small my patch of grass is. The uneven colour is actually dappled shade from an oak tree.

And finally, a hike up the rise to take a quilt over rustic bench shot.  More dappled shade. 

The quilting is invisible, being black on black.  I tried quilting in the coloured sections, but I really preferred  the clean look of the unquilted squares, so I took it out.

And, as if finishing the quilt weren't enough, as a bonus, this will count toward the 2nd quarter finish-a-long.  Yayy!!  One down.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Small Project Sew Along

Amanda Jean has instigated a small project sew along.

crazy mom quilts

Step 1.  make a list of all the small projects that I'd like to complete during the month of May, and post it on my blog.

She has 20 items on her list.  Twenty.  And some of her small items are dresses.

I think that I have two that I'd consider small.
  1. a coaster for my night table so that my glass of water doesn't thunk when I put it down in the middle of the night; and
  2. a cover for my ereader.  This one also counts toward the My Precious QAL, so if I manage to finish it, I'll be able to cross it off two lists.  Bonus!

That's the realistic list.  If I want to move into the realm of wishful thinking, I'd add
  1. a dress for Miss E.;
  2. a dress for Miss K.; and
  3. a Tova tunic for me.

This would be in addition to the 4 big projects.

Let's see if writing them in an official list helps me to get them done.  Maybe I need to take some vacation time.