Friday, 24 February 2012

Blocks 2 & 3

I'm making steady progress on Sheila's Mystery Quilt

This is the second block.  There were no tricky bits, so it went together quickly.  I should have posted this last Friday.  Oh, well.

The third block, on the other hand, was nothing but tricky bits.  Frankly, I'm astounded that I finished it at all.  This mirror image, back-to-front business is harder than it looks.  Still and all, the last quadrant went together much more easily than did the first, so I must have been getting the hang of it (although, I must confess that I probably could have been more frugal when adding each layer of fabric). 

Since one of the reasons that I decided to make this sampler quilt was to build my skills, I guess that I shouldn't moan when I'm called on to learn something new!

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