Friday, 2 March 2012

More quilting progress

This week I managed to complete another pair of small blocks for the Mystery Quilt. They're not as wonky looking as they  appear in this photo.

And I've also been working on the blocks for Sarah's Stained Quilt Along.

Block one was the largest, so I thought to get it done first.

I needed to make three of this block, so in an attempt to be efficient, I chain-pieced all of the individual pieces together until I reached the point where I would have crossing seams before I stopped to press the seams.  It was then that I realized that the needle on my machine had moved, and all of my seams were fractionally too wide.  How much too wide?  About 1/16 ".  Per seam.  That's 1/8" per sashing strip.  When you look at the number of sashing strips in this quilt, those fractions really add up quickly.  So, out they all came.  I was getting much faster at ripping out seams by the time I finished the last seam in the last of the three blocks. Unfortunately, all of this sewing, ripping, and resewing resulted in a bit of stretching here and there.  Oh well, it's mostly flat.

Blocks 2 and 3 went together much more quickly.  Each of these was repeated five times.

And that leaves just one set of four block 4s.  That will be next week's project

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