Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Mystery quilt progress

I've managed to accomplish quite a bit on my mystery quilt along.   It's not a lot in absolute terms, but in terms of time and learning, it's quite remarkable.  I can finally get my brain around foundation piecing.

These Tippee Canoe blocks nearly did me in.  I ripped out about three times as many seams as I sewed before the penny finally dropped. I swear that I made every mistake possible--many of them more than once.  Of course, as a result, I managed to run out of the blue fabric, so I had to piece two of the triangles.  Fortunately, the geometric pattern was matchable, so the seams are virtually invisible.  Not quite sure why I bothered though, since the dotted centres look so strange.  Pin dots were definitely not a good fabric choice here.

From there, I moved on to the Mariner's compass.  Each 8th went together perfectly, as did each quarter block.  I didn't have to rip out a single seam.  The difficulty arose when I went to put the blocks together and they simply wouldn't match.  I tried easing and that looked terrible.  Finally, I contacted Sheila and she sent me the corrected pattern.  Then I had to choose between redoing the block or using the faulty one.  Sheila also sent a link to the same block made by Catherine.  She just sewed the four quadrants together and ignored the fact that the seams didn't come close to lining up.   And it looked great.  So, I gave up on the easing and did the same.  The centre seams are perfect and I'll settle for that.  I just can't bring myself to waste that beautiful fabric, and only another quilter would ever see anything amiss.

 As for the Stained quilt along, I've run into a bit of an issue, and I've put it aside for the moment.  I decided to quilt it in sections, so I assembled the top, batting and backing in thirds.  When I went to quilt them (straight lines in the sashing using a walking foot), I had to rip out all six attempts.  It simply isn't possible to manouver even a section of the quilt through that small throat.   So I could have left it as a single piece after all.  Now I have to deal with putting the thirds back together.  A bit of a break is in order.

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