Monday, 9 April 2012

Second Quarter Finish Along

I didn't participate in the First Quarter FAL, largely because I was more into starting than finishing, and partly because I didn't want to set any deadlines for myself.  Now that I'm dealing with so many more commitments, a little external motivation may help me to get a few things done.  Rhonda's (Quilter in the Gap) Finish - A - Long comes along at exactly the right time.

2012 Finish-A-Long

The first thing I'd like to finish is this quilt that I started about 40 years ago--might be closer to 45 (that makes me feel so old!) .  This has been carted from pillar to post since then, and when I recently came across it while looking for something else, I decided that it's now or never if this top is ever going to turn into a functioning quilt.

Since I had the good fortune to inherit a large bag of scraps from a lovely 90-year-old woman who was moving to a smaller home, many of the fabrics greatly pre-date the time that the top was sewn -- as far back as the 20s -- but some are definitely scraps left from clothes I made during the 70s ;-)  Even then I was fond of solids, and I like to think that I was ahead of the aqua and red trend.  I've made a start by basting it, but since hand quilting is going to be my only option, there's a long way to go before this ends up on anyone's bed. 

Then there are the two recent projects that I undertook to help me ease back into quilting.

The first is the Mystery Quilt from the Mystery QAL that Sheila Bluepatch Quilter designed and organized.

In random order these are 1. Starry Path; 2. Block 2; 3. Clay's Choice; 4. Ohio Star; 5. Mariner's Compass; 6. Tippee Canoe blocks; 7. Friendship Stars; 8. Block 1

This one may take longer than expected.  I'd originally decided to make this as a skill-building activity, and I think that I'll carry on in this vein.  I've really enjoyed learning a range of new techniques, so once I've finished a few more of the blocks Sheila provided, I think that I'll continue with the star theme and add more blocks that use different techniques--perhaps applique, maybe a lone star, some wonky stars, some tiny stars, and definitely more foundation pieced stars.  I'm feeling adventurous.

Finally, I really want to finish my Stained Quilt that I'm making with Sarah and crew in the Stained Pink Quilt Along.

I was doing so well with this, then I ran into a few obstacles, and had to regroup when I realized that my plans for quilting this were going to need a total revision.  Since my machine it totally and completely useless for quilting anything that exceeds the dimensions of an average magazine, and since I have no intention of quilting 17 separate blocks and then assembling them, I'll have to come up with a plan B.  It will no doubt involve hand quilting as well.  Perhaps some utility quilting with perle cotton.

So, three things in four months.  Not a hope ;-)  I'll be quite happy if I finish one, and make decent progress on the other two.

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