Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Quarter 3--Big Plans!

Or, at least, biggish plans.

I'm carrying a couple of these projects forward from the last quarter.  These would be the Mystery Quilt (or my amended version of it).  This is where is was the last time I posted about it...

...and although I've added a couple of blocks during the last quarter...

...I still have a way to go.

And, then there's the Dresden Plate.  

I'm making steady progress on this one.  At a generous estimate, I'm about half done with the quilting.  Okay, maybe a third.  

 I should probably stop there, but in a moment of delusion enthusiasm, I jumped on the small projects bandwagon in May, and started a couple of sundresses for the kidlets.  The fabric for the Brooke pattern is Pear Tree

and although it's not clear from this picture, the fabric for the Oliver & S Seashore Sundress is the pink eyelet pattern from the Flea Market Fancy collection.

To be fair, when I decided to do this we were having a mini-heatwave.  In May.  Then we had June-uary.  Seriously--it's mid-July and I had to take a hot water bottle to bed last night.  And a down duvet. It really hasn't been sundress weather, but if I don't finish them soon, they won't be ready to enjoy summer when and if it arrives.

Finally, for some reason, I also thought it would be a good idea to participate in the My Precious QAL.  It did motivate me to cut into some fabric that I'd been saving.  There is a bit of a story to this, but I'll leave that until I actually finish the thing.  Yes, it's gone from being precious to something less than wonderful.

So that's it.  I wonder how many of these I'll be able to cross off my list at the end of this quarter.  I hope that I do a bit better than I did in the second quarter. 

2012 Finish-A-Long

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