Thursday, 1 January 2015

Last big finish for 2014

Yes, I did actually manage to finish 1 of the three-- no, wait, that was four-- goals I set myself in October.  At least, it was the most important one. 

And, I completed it on time, even if I'm only posting about it now. I've given up on waiting to see the sun again.  It may never happen, so here is the big ta-da photographed under indoor lights (you'll have to trust me when I say that there are no lurid oranges or greens in this lovely fabric line).

 The piecing went together very quickly, but then it sat and sat while I dealt with issues.  Then, in mid-December I was able to get back to it, and I pieced the back and basted it.  That would have been quick except I basted it on a different surface than the one I'm used to, and the back was a mess.  Next, I tried basting it in sections by clipping it to a table--also new to me.  It took forever (my table isn't particularly large), but the back was beautifully smooth.  And it really was much easier on the knees. 

Quilting presented another challenge.  I'd quilt a bit, decide that I didn't like it, and rip it out.  Then I'd try another motif, and rip it out.  This went on for some time before I decided to spiral quilt.  Perfect!  The circular movement of the quilting balanced out the squares on the piecing, and the modernity of the simple spiral quilted with white Aurifil 50 kept the fabric and quilt pattern from being too sweet. So, in the end, I finally achieved the modern/traditional look that I was aiming for.

As for the Hawaiian geese quilt and my Christmas star quilt, and all those cushions, well, there's always another quarter.

Linking to Katy's last link party of the year.  She did an amazing job as the 2014 finish-along hostess with the mostest, handholder, and ringmaster.  Thanks so much Katy.
Finish Along 2014


Denise Finucane said...

Great job on the finish! I have this pattern and was considering it for my nephew next Christmas....I really like the spiral quilting idea, I'm gonna jot that down on the pattern sheet! Thank you for the inspiration!

Katy Cameron said...

Congrats on your finish (I too, have given up on seeing the sun again as we're battered by another wind and rain storm!)

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